Artist in Residence: Linda Billet

from Mrs. Sutton, art teacher:

This year's artist in residence was glass artist Linda Billet. Residing in Hummelstown, PA Linda is a practicing glass artisan specializing in creative masterpieces, which she likes to compare to quilts of glass because of their patterns and textures. During her 2 week stay at Juniata High School, she involved each of the art department's 70 students in a collaborative glass mosaic of a feather with shadow. Each student chose his or her own color within the spectrum and designed by cutting, snipping, and adhering the glass to the cement board. Once completed, students filled in the remaining shadow in grey and background with variegated white. Look closely and you will see dancing ribbons of iridescence which will shine in the natural light once hanging. Students then grouted the mosaic resulting in a 5' x 6' completed piece. Building trades students are assisting the project by building the frame and then installation.

Mrs. Heidenreich is an English teacher at Juniata High School.

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