Egg Hunt: Music Review

By Jaylyn Umana


Egg Hunt was a short-lived project by Ian Mackaye and Jeff Nelson in 1986, with their one and only release; a single entitled Me and You/We All Fall Down under the name Egg Hunt. This review is bound to be a short one because the Egg Hunt release only as two songs on it, however it is well worth the listen. The first track is called “Me and You” and it’s moreover an instrumental if you don’t count the small utterances underneath the music to add ambiance or the phrase ‘me and you’ being sung occasionally during what you may consider to be the chorus of the song. The song, however, has so many elements to it that you’d want to listen to it over and over again so that you can catch one of the amazing bits that you missed. The closing song on the release is entitled “We All Fall Down”, and while originally meant to be an Embrace song, it was moved over to the Egg Hunt project as it was better suited for such a group. The song features Ian Mackaye’s signature singing and one among the many powerful messages that Ian always tries to convey in his music; as the title would have us anticipate: we’re all going down at one point or another from reasons that are justifiable in our minds but may not be in the minds of others. I’m not a musical connoisseur, I just listen to the good stuff.

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