Who Are You?

If I looked at your handwriting and told you that you were arrogant, what would you say? According to “National Pen” more than 5,000 personality traits can be determined based on handwriting. Handwriting analysis can be used to detect lies, health issues, and to learn subtle characteristics about people. Graphology, the science of handwriting analysis, may reveal facts about yourself that surprise you.

Consider the size of your handwriting compared to some of the sizes of your friends. Small handwriting indicates a focused person who can concentrate easily. It also is characteristic of a shy and introspective person. Large handwriting indicates an outgoing person with a large personality. Sound like anyone that you know?

Are you an arrogant person? Do you write the letter “I” larger than the other letters on your paper when referring to yourself? If you answered no and then yes you might want to reconsider. A larger “I” indicates an arrogant person and a smaller one indicates a content and happy person.

Handwriting can indicate health and the presence of a disease. Writing with variable pressure (dark to light) can be a sign of high blood pressure.

What can all of this information do? First, you can learn intriguing facts about yourself that perhaps you had no idea existed. You could even learn new things about your friends just by looking at the way they write their English homework. Maybe you can even pick up on a health issue before it gets out of hand. Graphology is a neat way to get a new perspective on yourself and is a very interesting thing to think about when you're zoning out in class. You will be fascinated by at least one of the 5,000 personality traits that you can learn about yourself from your handwriting.

You can check out https://www.essentiallearningproducts.com/analyze-your-handwriting-john-cowens along with numerous other websites that will allow you to dissect your handwriting. See what you can find out about yourself.

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