The Educational Difference between America and China

 I have heard the education in America is very different from China, students hardly have homework form school, teachers treats their students really gentle, the school ends at two o'clock everyday. These are all Chinese students’ dream. Let me tell you what is Chinese traditional education.

 In Chinese public high school, normally students need to get up at six o’clock, the class starts at six fifteen and ends at five thirty pm, probably teacher keeps students until near seven o'clock. In boarding school it is even more crazy, some school even ends at ten o’clock everyday and that is not including homework time, that they study until one or two o’clock is really normal.

 I could feel there is a big difference between Chinese education and American education since I came to America. American education seems like the opposite side of Chinese education. School ends at two o’clock everyday! We only have homework which can be done in one hour! Teachers are really kind to us! This is insane! I couldn’t even dream about  the kind of school life when I was in China.

 But personally I think that China has its own special educational method is reasonable, one main reason is that China has the largest population in the world, China also has the largest number of students in the world. China is a developing country, it means there is limited money to support education so Chinese classes are not like American, there are normally fifty to sixty students in one class, teachers don’t have enough time and energy to take care of all students so that force them studying and give them more homework is the only one way to help them to get higher grade. In some schools, if students in a class don’t have good grade the teacher who responsible for that class will get punishment, this is one reason they do everything they can to help their students to get good grade.

 Although Chinese education is extremely strict, we can’t say it doesn’t work, contrarily it works very well. I have studied both Chinese Math and American Math. The comparison of them is really obvious, American Math is super easy. Chinese students learn the same thing several years earlier than American students. Some friends of mine say Chinese students are smarter I thinks it is not true, we just spend more time on studying.


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