High School Students Build a Popular Clothing Brand

In November 2018, three teenagers from Saint John Vianney High School created a t-shirt brand called Energy Supply Clothing Co. The owners, Ryan Gonzalez of Sayreville, Dylan Oswick of Old Bridge, and Wade Edwin of Aberdeen are now seniors. The brand has grown rapidly over its first year selling products in 10 states and 3 different countries thus far.

The idea of creating a clothing business sparked when Gonzalez won a shirt design contest. The three thought of an idea to start a business with t-shirt creations into one. The three teens taught themselves how to run a successful business. They started out with two t-shirt designs, the wave tee and the pink flower tee, which they sold out of their high school lockers in Ziploc bags. At the time of the first product’s release, Gonzalez, Edwin, and Oswick  all didn’t have their licenses and were only able to sell to a ‘local audience.’ Gonzalez made the first design and was confident that it would be a success. “I knew it was going to be popular, but it still outlived our expectations.”

After the success of the first two products, they had enough funds to create their own online website. They launched their website in February 2019 with 15 new products, one of them being the Astro drip tee & hoodie. “The Astro drip design is by far our most popular design to date, and it is what most people recognize us for.” After the website was launched the three began to expand their audience with social media. They used Instagram and Facebook to spread their story from selling t-shirts from their lockers to a fully-fledged online company. Similar to how they started their business, they began to search the web to try and find ways on how to advertise their company in the best way possible. “We tried many strategies, some ending up better than others, but it was a learning process.” 

In July 2019, the three released their first official collection called “Takeover.” They chose this name to show the supporters of Energy that their company was not a joke. The collection turned out to be a big hit and it gave the company a ton of attention from social media. 

A month after the public release of the website, the trio got the opportunity to work with a very popular youtube influencer named Cuda Cash. As of now, Energy Supply Clothing Co. has grown from an idea between three best friends into a successful business that has consistently created a network of supporters. 

People can find them and shop on their online store @ Energy Supply Clothing Co.

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