Tri-M's Annual New York City Trip

On Saturday, May 6 a group of 108 people attended Tri-M's annual trip to watch a Broadway show in New York City. Tri-M, or the band honor society, includes students in 10th grade and up who perform well in band. The members of Tri-M and their families were the first people allowed to sign up for the trip; the additional available seats were opened up to Juniata High School's faculty and a few other groups, such as District Chorus participants. This year, the group had the pleasure of watching The Lion King in the Minskoff Theatre. With a few hours to spend before the show began, attendees split up into groups and explored the Big Apple until showtime. Many people stayed around Times Square, touring places like the Disney Store, Forever 21, or the Hard Rock Cafe. Others ventured further into the city, such as to Central Park and the Museum of Modern Art.

At 2:00 The Lion King began, and it was magnificent. The actors’ costumes included masks being suspended from wires attached to the backs of their costumes. The peculiar outfits, the stage rising into a spiral to act as Pride Rock, and the spectacular performances from the actors themselves all combined to create an outstanding show for the audience. In essence, the Tri-M Trip was yet again a huge success.

Current Senior at Juniata High School, Future FBI Special Agent, President of the United States, Skydiving Instructor, Pilot Extraordinaire, World Traveler, Author, Composer, Entrepreneur, Actress, and Sailor

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