“Cheap” Places to Travel When the Weather Warms Up

When the weather starts warming up, many people decide it is a great time to settle down and stay at home to enjoy the pleasant weather. Little do they know, the price of airfare is at its lowest point than at any other time during the year. As the weather begins to improve, the prices of flying falls, giving perfect opportunities to those who are aiming to travel for cheaper.

The places that begin to get less expensive are not the shabby areas of the world either; a trip to New York from Portland falls between $317 -$976, while a flight to Hawaii is $360-$540, and a trip to Los Angeles $97-$288. A romantic trip to France ranges from $769 to $1,489, and a saucy expedition to Italy falls between $683-$1729. Those who wish to stay closer to oregon can take an adventure to Mexico for to $319 $757. Many other places can be found for cheap when proper research is done. Prices vary based on location, airline, and amount of time between booking the ticket and the flight’s departure.

Is it better to travel away from the sunny weather for a cheaper price? Or is escaping the deemed “dreary rain” for a more expensive payment the better choice? It depends on the person.

“When you go somewhere else you get the experience of being in a different area and seeing what that area’s like,” Kendra Evans ‘18 said.

Going on adventures and seeing new things may be worth sacrificing the few months of warm weather that Oregon has for some.

“I don’t mind the rain, so if it was cheaper I’m a cheapskate so I’d probably do that,” Trinity Mitchell ‘18 said.

Not regarding the rain as a misfortune can turn a hard choice into a hopeful one.

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