Five Days To Be Sure To Check Your Newsfeed

1. National Best Friend's Day- June 8

Yes this is a great day to appreciate your incredible go-to pal, but you also must be honest with yourself in knowing that whatever you do together is definitely getting posted later.  

2. National Puppy Day- March 23   

Definitely the best day of the year to be on Instagram for all the incredibly adorable pictures all your friends will be posting. Everybody and their cousin will be posting quality dog pictures so whether you have a puppy or not, you'll get to scroll through and absorb the cute. 

3. National Coffee Day- September 29

It's hard to find a millennial who has never taken an aesthetically pleasing photo of their morning cup of coffee, thus national coffee day is a "no-brainer". Plus discounted and free coffee are a perk even if you're not up for take cute pictures with your latte.  

4. National Kitten Day- July 10

Any day set aside to recognize pets (especially baby pets!) is a high quality day. A news feed full of kittens is basically the social media utopia. 

5. National Siblings Day- April 10

Siblings day is everything a sibling could ask for, as in it's the perfect excuse to post all the embarrassing photos you've saved over the years to remind your siblings how much you love them (or just how many times you've taken ugly photos of them.) 

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