East Juniata Teacher Receives Educational Grant

Marcus Brothers, a special education teacher at East Juniata High School, was recently awarded a $120 educational grant by the Juniata County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees.  Chapter co-presidents Linda and Sam Leister and educational support chairperson Shirley Schlegel presented the grant to Mr. Brothers on the morning of Friday, April 7.

All Juniata County School District employees were invited to submit applications for a project aimed at enhancing educational opportunities for students in the school district. Mr. Brothers’s project involves having a pet turtle for his grade seven through twelve life skills students. This hands-on project is expected to be a rewarding and motivating science activity in which students will research their pet and report their findings. Math will also be used by budgeting and charting shopping activities for pet supplies. Many students do not understand how much time, expense and commitment is needed to keep animals comfortable and healthy. Through this project, they will learn these things and also experience the therapeutic benefits of taking care of a pet.

East Juniata High School Junior

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