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The following article originally appeared in Juniata High School's newspaper The Arrowhead.  

If you like to read made-up stories and be held in suspense for long periods of time, now you know where to come every month! Just for people who love fiction, guess what? Juniata’s own Riley Brubaker has begun writing a series of short stories . Don’t forget to come back every month or you might miss out on a section of the story! So here is the first part to Riley’s first story:

The only sound is the sloshing of water against the bank of the Thames, as I make my way down one of the only well-lit streets in the city of London. My thick fur coat and boots aren't enough to keep the cold damp air out, and I shiver as fog settles over the streets and river. Silently cursing Franklin for sending me to fetch whatever package he’d ordered at this time of the night, I turn onto a darker side street lined with more windows from small flats above the shops. Dark alleys leer at me from the shadows. I walk in the middle of the street running my hand along the long thin blade strapped to my thigh for reassurance that I would be able to protect myself if anything came up.

It takes me another half an hour to find the address that Franklin had given me, and fifteen minutes for anyone to open the door. An old woman dressed in a long, dark purple dress, with her hair pulled into a bun, ushers me over the threshold, glancing around at the empty street. She says nothing as she leads me down a dark hall to a dimly lit parlor room. The air is heavy and perfumed, a fire is burning low in the grate and a young man is perched on an overstuffed sofa by the fireplace smoking a pipe. I settle on a small poof opposite him, aware of both him and the old woman watching me. “You are Miss Avriella, correct?”....... TO BE CONTINUED

Mr. Trotman is a Civics and Political Science Teacher at Juniata High School.

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