A Look Back...and Thanks!

As I come to the conclusion of my high school career now seems as fitting a time as any to write to an incredible type of person. There is the case to be made that I've been a nerd since the day I walked into a school, but it's okay because throughout the time I spent in classrooms I've had the opportunity to have amazing teachers influence my life. This is a letter to them. 

I should start by apologizing to you, sorry for those one hundred and eighty-ish days you had to put up with me. You did as good as you should have on your type of salary. In grade school and as a teenager, there were/are some times when I didn't have the best personality and honestly every day you go without yelling at me or another kid is phenomenal. 

If I'm being honest, I know I'm a smart kid but like I couldn't be half this good without good teachers (can't learn everything from Bill Nye the Science Guy, I guess). Thinking about my career, teaching is always something that comes up as a possibility but I know that it's something that really takes a certain personality that you've somehow managed to perfect.  

You also did a stellar job of inspiring me. Honestly you spout tiny words of wisdom that you definitely say to all your classes, but they still help your students. So shout out to you because in a few months, this will all be nostalgia and you'll be some small part in a story I tell my roommate at three in the morning, but she'll laugh and relate because there's always teachers who affect their students' lives in a huge way, but to each one of us students, you guys are special.  


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