Where in the World? Brighton

Brighton is a seaside resort located in England. With its' ranging amount of quirky stores and beautiful sceanary on the pier this place is a go to tourist spot for the whole family. 

When you think of England, beaches are not the first destination you think of,  but in Brighton they are a key destination. Located in East Sussex or the historic county of Sussex, the beach is not the only popular thing this city has to offer. Along with the seaside, the Brighton Pier is open to the public. It includes an aquarium, where families can visit.  

In Brighton, music and art are all around. Many festivals are held in Brighton like the Brighton Festival, which is the second largest festival in the UK. It includes an Art Open House, a Children's Procession and plenty of art and music for everyone to enjoy. Also there is the Brighton Fringe, which has grown into one of the largest fringe festivals in the world. It includes several street musicians for their "Streets of Brighton" and features "Fringe City", a large outdoor spectacle for all to enjoy.  

Along with music and art, Brighton is known for its' quirky unique stores and LGBT friendly that makes this city unique all on its own.

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