Tennis Preview

Practice for the 2017 boys and girls tennis teams started on Feb. 27. The first official game against McNary on Mar. 14 was rained out and has been postponed to to a later date.The second match on Mar. 16 against McMinnville resulted in a win for the girls team. The boys lost to McMinnville.
Tennis can be played as a single or in doubles. Players who play singles compete in one-on-one matches and can also be apart of a doubles team. The doubles compete in pairs against two other players from the opposing team.
Loryn and Jillian Studer ‘17 are one of South’s most competitive doubles team along with, Kellie McSween ‘18 and Lindsay Flood ‘18; Selbie Christensen ‘18 and Chloe Elmore ‘18.
“The girls team graduated a lot of seniors which will change the program,” Kellie McSween ‘18 said. “The team is still working really hard, and the underclassman seem really dedicated.”
On the guys team, players include Trenton Bastasch ‘17, Jose Sebastian Linares ‘17, Tommy Andersen ‘19 and more.
“We have a lot of good seniors returning that will have a good influence. We also have a couple talented freshman that will build a good program for future seasons,” Tommy Andersen ‘19 said. “We have a new coach this year and based on the practices we’ve had so far I’d say he’s a really cool guy who knows the game well.”
Jose Sebastian Linares ‘17, “Building a strong relationship and communicating with your partner are key to good doubles team. This season i’m really going to practice hard and put in extra work to make it to State. Tennis is a mental game, you can have all the physical attributes in the world and it won’t make a difference if your head isn’t in it.”

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