Pishima Performs "One Day" & "Let It Be" Mash Up

This mash up of "Let it Be" and "One Day" was primarily made because of the similarity in chord structure and the shared theme of inspiration and zen. "One Day" is about the hope for peace in all ways, including the end of all war, an end to poverty, and achieving true happiness. "Let It Be" speaks about how no matter what comes your way, there is someone looking out for you and all will be okay. Both songs speak to me,  and since this performance I've even added more songs to the mashup. 

My band Resilience and I will be playing it at this year's Big Tree Festival on July 8th in Port Royal, PA from 11am to 11pm. 

I sing! I love to sing! Currently working after school doing the musical. I also have a band and YouTube channel. Though I'm working on my album, it won't be done till the end of this year.

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