Stroudsburg Mini-Thon

Mini-Thon is an organization that raises money for children with cancer. The money we raise goes to the families who need help paying for the cancer treatments. The cancer treatment bills get paid in full, no family sees the bills, even when all the bills are paid 70% of the proceeds go to childhood cancer research. Can you imagine how much money we raise that after all the bills are paid there is still 70% left for research. 1 out of 5 children will beat childhood cancer that is only 80% success rate, which in reality isn't high enough to us. You have two different types of thons; you have regular Thon which is a 24 hour dance marathon at Penn State and then you have Mini-Thon with is high schools version of a Thon which is a 12 hour dance marathon. The whole point of Mini-Thon is so that we can understand just in the slightest what it's like for those kids who have to do this day in and day out. So we can get a tiny glimpse of what there lives are like, when in reality a 12 hour dance marathon is nothing compared to what they go through. Mini-Thon to me is a battle, to me you participate in Mini-Thon to fight the battle with the kids, so you can give them a sense of hope that someone out there other than their families that believe in them and will fight for them and will help them through there battle. In our high school alone I know of one Senior who was diagnosed with cancer when she was 11. She didn't realize what was going on, all she knew is that she was sick. She was saying that she was lost and confused because everyone there was crying and she didn't understand why. Imagine being a child with cancer. you don't even know what's really going on. There are children at the age of 2 who have cancer, who really don't know whats going on. They go through so much without even realizing what is actually wrong with them. It is every hard on everyone when you find out someone you love has cancer. I went through it with my grandmother. She had breast cancer and she is honestly like my best friend. when i found out she had cancer i couldn't stop crying. the awful things that go through your head. it honestly does hit you hard.

Most people know someone who was diagnosed with cancer and it probably wasn't easy on them either. Mini-Thon is a great organization, it helps so many people and you can help them too. Go through the power point that is posted with this link. more information about Mini-Thon and how to donate are there. I encourage you to donate because it really is a good cause. 



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