Top 5 Fake Urban Myths Everyone Believes

I guess you should have listened when someone told you to not believe everything you hear. I mean, I guess I cant blame you. When you hear fifty people in fifty different setting that gum will not be digested for seven years, I too, would have started to doubt the facts. How would you react if you had thought something was one way all your life, and suddenly found out that everything you believed was not true? Here are some myths that everyone believes, but are in fact, fake.

1. Bulls hate the color red.

  •  This is in fact, just a myth. Bulls have been proven to be colorblind, and only act the way they do, because they hate the sudden movement of the fabric. The bull only sees the fabric as a threat, and therefore, starts attacking the bull fighter.

2. We only have five senses.

  • Actually, scientists have proven that we actually have something a long the line of 20-21.

3. The Great Wall Of China.

  • Unlike what some people think, the Great Wall of China is in fact, invisible to the eye directly from space. This is because the wall is too narrow, and blends in the mountains surrounding it.

4. Should you wake a sleepwalker?

  •  It is, in fact, better to wake a sleepwalker than not to. They wont get mad, but more than likely, just confused on what happened.

5. Dropping a penny off the Eiffel tower.

  • Dropping a penny off the Eiffel tower, or any tower for that matter, will not create enough velocity to kill someone. However, it will sting and can cause some damage.

How many urban myths did you believe?

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