Haiti: A Life Changing Experience

We are blessed to bless others. That is the motto my family has made the center of everything they do. I grew up with a family who was always going on mission trips and to homeless shelters to spread and share the love of One who is so much greater than us. Like most young girls growing up I looked up to my parents and older siblings, so when I started high school I decided I wanted to be a part of what they do. A couple of weeks later I was presented with the opportunity to travel to Haiti, so without hesitation I went. I was so excited to change lives and do something great, but little did I know that Haiti would change me. 

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It is also home to Voodoo practice and child slavery. There are so many negative things you can associate with Haiti, and many people think there isn't any hope, but that just isn't true. This year marks my fourth trip to Haiti, and it was so amazing. In a country full of darkness, light has begun to shine. 

There's so much I could say about my trip, but you would never be able to understand without experiencing it yourself. There is a feeling of radiant love that has been pouring over the country, and the change that is taking place is undeniable. It may seem that we are the ones doing the work, but they aren't our hands and feet. Watch the video above for a small glimpse of what this country is like.

01.01.2015 // TSC // '17

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