Top 5 Studio Ghibli Movies

Studio Ghibli is known for it's animated films, some cute, some heart wrenching, and even some tragic. They have a very unique style of animation, and many people easily recognize whenever they see a Ghibli film. 

These are my personal top 5 Studio Ghibli movies. 


1.) Grave Of The Fireflies 

The most tragic and heartbreaking movie on this list,  Grave Of The Fireflies  is a movie set in World War Two in Japan. It follows a teenage boy and his little sister during the wartime. They're separated from their family because of an American bombing, and they're left to their own devices. They go through many tragedies and hardships, and the end will break your heart.  


2.) Ponyo 

Probably the cutest movie on this top five, Ponyo is the story of the five year old Goldfish Princess Ponyo and her urge to be on the land after she meets another five year old, a boy next to the ocean. With her determination, Ponyo is able to form a human body and escape from her underwater captor. She hunts for the boy and nothing will stop her from finding him.  


3.) Howl's Moving Castle  

Sophie, a young girl who was forced to toil away working in her parents' hat shop has a fateful meeting with Howl the wizard. When a witch sees Sophie and Howl, she curses Sophie to look like an old lady. Ashamed, Sophie runs away and stumbles upon Howl's moving castle, and her adventure there begins.  


4.) Spirited Away 

Spirited Away is praised from winning an Academy Award, and really lives up to it's accolade. It depicts the adventures of a young girl when her parents get turned into giant, disgusting pigs. With monsters, a boy, witches, and the danger of who she is being taken away, Spirited Away is one of the best movies by Ghibli.  


5.) When Marnie Was There  

When Marnie Was There is a lesser appraised movie, but one that got be very emotional. It follows a young girl who moves out to her distant relatives during the summer, and one day she sees another girl out by an abandoned house across the lake. Adventures ensue, and the ending will for sure surprise you.  


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