Go Places With Fusfoo: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

With so many places to go in New York City, it's hard to choose where to go and what to do. There are such amazing options as seeing a Broadway show, going to central park, it's wide array of zoos, Central Park, and even Times Square. However, there is another alternative that could be very helpful to future scholars: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  

The Met is the premier art and history museum in New York City, with a long legacy of arts preservation. The Met was founded in 1870 and is still going strong in the present, drawing large crowds daily. The exhibits available show the world in all of its splendor. From Egypt, to India, to Ancient Jerusalem, and even modern art as recent as the 20th century were all on display at the museum. It put on display a wide variety of cultures and art styles, and it was very enlightening. 

At least in my experience, the Met is a melting pot of many different cultures, and I don't mean simply in the exhibits. There were many ethnicities, creeds, and backgrounds that attended the Met on that day, and tourists from many different countries populated the area. Being from a rural Pennsylvania town, which is almost singularly one ethnicity, it was an amazing sight. In this divided time, all of these supposedly "different people" came together to admire and appreciate the best art in the world, and it was honestly beautiful to witness. 

Thumbnail/Header: http://www.metmuseum.org/


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