Top 5 Underrated Artists

1.) Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis is a Colombian-American artist who was born in Columbia and raised in Virginia. She writes and produces all of her own music and music videos. Her music is considered Indie Pop or Rock, and it combines Colombian culture and music with American music to make a very unique style. Some of her more popular songs include:


-Know What I Want

-Sycamore Tree

2.) Catey Shaw

Born and raised in America, Catey Shaw who writes and preforms pop music. Catey is bisexual, and uses her expiriences with both men and women to influence her songwriting. Some of her more known songs are: 

-Brooklyn Girls

-Night Go Slow

-Lovesick Jerk


Aurora Aksnes, more well known as AURORA, has been gaining popularity online lately. She is Norwegian, and has a unique voice that sounds almost childlike. She also has a childlike air to her, and just sings because she finds it fun. Some of her popular songs are:

-I Went Too Far

-Murder Song

-Running With The Wolves

4.) Thea Hjelmeland 

One of the more unknown artists on this list, Thea Hjelmeland is another Norwegian singer. She was raised by a musical family. Some of her songs that received a bit of attention were:



5.) Hayley Kiyoko

Haley Kiyoko is a bit more well known, but she is still underrated. Another bisexual artist, her most popular songs include:

-Girls Like Girls


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