Go Places With Fusfoo: The Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore is a diverse region with something to be offered for people of all ages.  The region has been an American vacation destination for generations.   

 Yes, the first thought that comes to mind with the Jersey Shore is the MTV show from a few years back, and yes there are many areas along the shore with good spots for the people of age who like to go out and enjoy adult activities. The coast offers so much more than that, though.  

For the history buffs, the many lighthouses each have their own story and view. The towns along the coast offer their own traditions that often lend to an atmosphere of old fashioned family life. Songs were written about the fun that teens and families could have at the shore.  

Kids of all ages never run out of things to do with the long expanses of beaches and the fun that can be found along the boardwalk. Rollercoasters, carnival games, and shopping leave no one feeling bored.   

New Jersey itself has always had a certain reputation but all that is forgotten when you get to the shore where the water is warm and the sun high in the blue sky.  

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