Dear Anxiety,

Dear Anxiety,

Hi. Are you having fun? Because I'm certainly not.

Do you feel obligated to try to ruin everything I try to do? Seriously, today I wanted to go and grab a blank worksheet so that I could understand the math better, and you didn't let me. I totally, completely appreciate that.

See, I bet you're laughing right now. You must be so happy that you were able to restrain me. But I'll have you know that you can't always do that. Today, I let you win, but tomorrow is another day. Another day where you'll try to stop me from even getting out of bed, but I will. I'll get up, and I'll go on with my life and ignore you.

I will not allow you to keep doing this to me. I've let you for too long and now it has to stop. For everyone else out there struggling with their own anxiety, you can get through it. Beat your anxiety. Be your own person.



I'm Julia Morgan, a freshman from Montrose Junior Senior High School.

"Love is too beautiful to be left in the closet."

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