The Seabin Project

There has been a lot of talk about cleaning up the world's oceans and one solution is ready to get to work. The guys behind the Seabin Project have come up with an automated trash collector that gathers floating debris, oil, and detergents into one eco-friendly bin. The Seabin works with floating docks and pontoons and is perfect for marinas, inland waterways, residential lakes, harbours, ports and yacht clubs. The Seabin sits at the water's surface and is powered by a shore-based pump on the dock. The estimated cost to run the Seabin 24/7 is about $20 per month. The creators are seeking a more sustainable power source to use in the future.

Founders of the Seabin Project, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, are surfers and water lovers from Australia. The two have worked together with a team in Palma Mallorca, Spain, a central hub of Europe’s marine industry. After four years of testing, the Seabin is ready to be put into production. The Seabin basically attracts the floating trash and pollutants that marina workers normally would have to scoop up manually. Marina workers that utilize the Seabin will be able to easily empty the natural fibre catch bag and dispose of the waste (responsibly.) No fish or marine mammals have been caught in the Seabin and research is in progress regarding microscopic marine life.

The Seabin Project is innovative, efficient, and most importantly, effective. If every marina, yacht club, or even private dock installed a Seabin, perhaps one day there would be no need for such a device. Water pollution is no joke and no secret, so make sure to get on board with working to clean up our oceans!

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