New Year's Resolutions - 2017

More than 40% of American make New Year's resolutions  resolutions to somehow improve their life in the upcoming year. However,  University of Scranton research suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New Year's goals.

This will be my first year making a New Year’s Resolution and actually following it. To achieve this, I will be setting realistic long-term goals for myself.

1. Get a 96% or higher in Physics.

2. Study More.

3. Try new food.

4. Become more culturally “woke”.

5. Learn to save money.

6. Get to bed on-time.

7. Get into my first choice college.

8. Stay in touch with my extended family.

9. Volunteer

10. Procrastinate less

Hi! My favorite animals are turtles, llamas, and penguins. I want to be a role model like the people I admire.

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