Ephrata AM 1-21-22


Good Morning Ephrata NAMES today is Friday January 21, 2022. Please rise for a moment of silence and the pledge to the flag.
Do you hear that music playing? See those boys dancing down the hall? It's the Mr. Four Diamonds Pageant and it's headed right this way! Join us January 26th for a kick-off assembly that will knock your socks off. And then again after school for the talent portion that will be sure to dazzle your senses.
Now over to __________ with the news
A presentation on data gathered from the Perseverance rover is trying to explain the ubiquitous coatings of unknown, dark grey, almost purple material on Martian rocks.
Having been observed everywhere the rover has trundled, more details on the coating’s composition could come with clues about Mars’ past, including whether it hosted microbial life.
The Perseverance rover’s science kit has researchers believing the near-purple coating found everywhere in Jezero Crater is rich in iron.
The presence of hydrogen would suggest that water played a role in the coating’s creation, but the rover is currently investigating old solidified magma and isn’t really anywhere near lake sediments.
It’s a mystery that requires more investigation, But for now the rover has been caching samples in tubes for its future return to Earth. Scientists are hoping the purple coatings can survive the journey intact enough to be studied in a proper laboratory.
Now back to the main desk
Students are reminded that next Thursday, January 27th is the last day to drop a course without receiving a WF (withdrew failing) mark.  If you would like to drop a course, you need to have a parent email your counselor asap with the request and details.  A listing of open classes is updated daily and is available on the EHS Counseling website as well.
If you have any questions, please see your counselor ASAP.
yesterday, boys swimming won 123-37 vs Manheim Central, winning every event. The girls had a closer score of 91-62, but won all but 2 events. Rifle won 491-490 vs Wilson. Top Ephrata shooters:
Dana Belfiore 100 1 center
Madeline Sherk 99 1 center
Ava Howard 98 1 center
Nathan Buehler 98
Senior Athletes . .  . .  planning on participating in NCAA Sports next year?
If you would like to take part in our NCAA Letter of Intent Signing Ceremony on February 2nd
Please pick up a form in the Athletics Office and return it by Friday, January 28th
Today, bowling is at Dutch Lanes vs Warwick, girls basketball is home vs Manheim Twp, boys basketball is at Manheim Twp. Tomorrow, boys basketball is at the mid Penn Showdown, and wrestling is at Cedar Cliff for a quad match.
Now back to the main desk
Mini-THON will be hosting a design contest. The challenge: Desing a T-Shirt for this year's Disney Mini-THON. The design must represent the theme, say Ephrata Mini-THON, and be a maximum of two colors. Check out the flyers around the school or the post on Schoology for more info on how to submit the design. The winning design will earn a free t-shirt and entry to Mini-THON this year! Designs are due January 31st. We can't wait to see what you come up with!
And who is judging the shirts, you may ask. Why, Snow White of course. She's the fairest of them all.
Have a great day Ephrata!


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