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For the past few years, television networks like NBC and Fox have been producing live performances of Broadway classics. All of these endeavors have resulted in great feedback bringing in millions of views. This includes The Wiz, The Sound of Music, Peter Pan, Grease, and on December 7th there will be a broadcast of Hairspray.  The production will be based off of the Tony Award winning musical of the same title. It is highly anticipated by fans of the show and people who enjoy musical theater you can even get a sneak peak of the show on Youtube. This is perfect for the holidays, especially if you would like to watch something fun with your family. The past performances have been highly praised for their quality and virtual perfection from all aspects of the production.

Hairspray takes place in 1962. The plot follows the main character, Tracy Turnblad, a teenager who has huge ambitions. Her dream is to dance on "The Corny Collins Show," a local TV program. Tracy wins a role on the show and becomes a celebrity overnight. The show is very lively and has an array of colorful characters. Perfect for our current events the show includes many undertone of the acceptance of others no matter what they look like. Sending a powerful message while also being entertaining is one of the main factors this musical was picked for this years NBC live event.

The biggest hook to this production is the casting of Ariana Grande as tracy's best friend. Ariana had her start on broadway in the musical 13, so it's very exciting for her to revisit her roots. Her presence in the cast will most likely boost the ratings of the show because of her celebrity status. Other casting includes Tony award winning Harvey Fierstein reprising his role as Tracy's mother which he will be playing a woman. Also, Kristin Chenoweth, a Tony award winning actress, will also be apart of the show as one of the many featured characters. One of the other featured roles Motormouth Mabel will be played by Jennifer Hudson who is a great choice for the highly demanding role. These casting choices will bring in young fans of Ariana Grande and fans of the old school stars like Kirsten, Jennifer and Harvey.

Being that it is a live performance, there is no lip syncing, making it more enjoyable for the viewer as it feels like a broadway show in your living room. Any mistakes they make will have to be covered up in the moment for they would have no way to go back and edit the live show. This brings a new element of authenticity and quality to the overall product that the viewer receives. If you watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade, you might have caught a glimpse of what you might expect when you see the show. No doubt many of the older people like parents would enjoy a show that takes place when they were young.

The event is scheduled to broadcast on NBC on December 7th, so make sure to put that on your calendar. If you would like to watch any of the other live productions, NBC has them posted on their website for free viewing.  Hopefully, networks will continue this trend of live performances because it's an event to be anticipated every year.

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