Ephrata AM 2-22-21





Good Morning Ephrata NAMES today is Monday Feb 22, 2021. Please rise for a moment of silence and the pledge to the flag.




Attention SENIORS!  The application portal for the Ephrata National Bank scholarships is now open.  Last year, over $1.6 million was awarded to EHS seniors through these scholarships.  Visit www.epnb.com to apply for the Hibshman, Wolf, Mellinger, and Brossman scholarships.  Be sure to complete your application and submit all required materials by March 31st!


This is a reminder for students in grades 9-10 to log in to your PowerSchool portal to enter course requests for next year.  Be sure to research all course options, checking out course descriptions and prerequisites for each course you are interested in , as well as consider pathway elective opportunities for next year.  The course selection portal closes for Sophomores on Monday February 22nd at midnight.  Don’t delay, be sure to select courses for next year today!


And now over to ____________ with the news




"In today's news, On Thursday afternoon, the Perseverance rover landed on mars in the Jezero crater, after about a seven month journey. Mostly all the news stations live streamed the landing. Scientists believe that this crater once held water billions of years ago. This is NASA's most ambitious hunt for life since the Viking missions in the 70's. The rover carries a bunch of science instruments designed to detect signatures of fossilized life if it's even there."


Now to the juniors with the lunch






On Friday, Girls Basketball won against Cedar Crest 55-50. Jasmine Griffin had 31 points and went to the free-throw line 14 times. On Saturday, the boys basketball team lost to McCaskey. Mason Hagen had 34 points. Today, boys basketball is home vs Manheim Twp.


Now back to the main desk


Attention Juniors! Mr. Bischoff is looking for interested individuals to join the 21-22 class of Ephrata AM. Sign up in your course requests and Mr. Bischoff will contact you!


Have a great day Ephrata!


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