3D printing

Chess pieces, dinosaurs, solar panel boxes, and hands are just some of the items being printed around SJR this semester.  6 printers distributed throughout the science, math, art, and technology rooms work hard to produce items the students have designed in TinkerCAD or print parts from kits like the Engineering class who are creating hands for children missing limbs in Latin America.  There are 5 Dremel printers came with pre-made lesson plans for Science and Math teachers and 1 cube printer which can print 2 colors at once.  Students in the after-school 3D printing club designed chess pieces for the Chess Club and printed them in the school colors forest green and gold.  It's very empowering for students to create prototypes, print, touch & feel, then adapt iterations that will work better.  

As the SJR EdTech Specialist, I'm in the unique position as the intermediary between teachers & tech, students & tech, and students and teachers while using tech!

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