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Former Cuban president and Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro, one of the world's most-well known leaders, has passed away at age 90. In 1959, with the help of just 80 rebels, Castro led a Communist overtaking of the Cuban government. The 49 year rule that followed made Castro the longest-serving non-royal leader of the 1900s. Despite Cuba being located just 90 miles south of Florida, Castro evaded US attempts to thwart his rule for decades—it is reported that he survived a total of 638 assassination attempts (at the hands of various operatives and nations), throughout his life. In 2006, debilitated by a severe digestive illness, he transferred power of office to his brother Raul, who in 2008, was officially named President. For all intents and purposes, Fidel spent the last years of his disconnected from political processes, and out of the public eye.

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#NewCuba #PostFidel ##RaulCastro



 After weeks of increasingly forceful confrontations with Dakota Access Pipeline protestors, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have announced closure of the area where demonstrators have encamped en masse. The official reason for the closure has been cited as mutual safety concerns due to increasingly frigid weather. The camp was established last April by Standing Rock Sioux elder LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, and by the Summer months, its population had grown to the thousands. The Dakota Access project is seen by many as an environmentally careless and culturally insensitive dispossession of sacred Standing Rock lands. In mid-November, amidst heavy media coverage of the protests, the Corps of Engineers announced a tentative decision to re-evaluate the environmental and social impact of the project.

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 Army Corps To Close Camp by December 5th

#NoDAPL #StandWithTheSioux #StandingRockCamp



In response to an official recount request filed in Wisconsin by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, the state’s first-ever presidential election review has now begun. In the weeks since Donald Trump’s November 8###sup/sup### presidential victory, Stein has raised nearly $5.2 million to fund recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, with the goal of ensuring final vote counts in these three swing states were not affected by hackers. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has announced that despite their finding “no actionable evidence of hacking”, they will “participate” in the Wisconsin process.  President-elect Donald Trump has issued a statement declaring the recount “ridiculous” and “a scam”. In addition, Trump is now claiming that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote because “millions of people voted illegally”, despite the fact that there has been no evidence whatsoever of mass voter fraud.  

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Trump Recount Response

#RecountBegins #WisconsinNumbers #HackAttack?

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