Stay Busy With These 5 Quarantine Activities

For many of us, quarantine has extended for longer than expected. While staying inside can provide a much needed break from demanding school week schedules, it can also take a toll. Here are five activities that you can do during quarantine to keep you busy that aren’t walks with your family or puzzles.


  1. Raise a colony of monarch butterflies—Though not technically endangered, monarch butterfly populations have been steadily declining in recent years due to increasing usage of pesticides and habitat destruction. Raising monarch butterflies is a perfect way to help your community’s ecosystem! For more information on raising monarch butterflies, click here
  1. Take advantage of HBO’s newly free content—If you’ve already watched all of Netflix’s content, now might be the time to start shows and movies on a new platform. HBO is now offering nearly 500 hours of entertainment lasting throughout April. Catch it while it lasts!
  1. Buy books for cheap—Purchasing new books can be expensive. A hidden gem,, offers new and used books at discounted prices.
  1. Embroidery—Embroidery is a super fun way to upgrade any wardrobe—and if my For You Page is any evidence, documenting it might get you on the winning side of the new Tik Tok algorithm. All you need are embroidery hoops, thread, and a beginner’s design pattern. 
  1. Tie-Dye—For those who may not be so technically skilled, tie-dying is an easier way to redesign clothes. My personal favorite usage is using bleach to lighten cotton clothes in traditional patterns, creating a reverse effect. In any case, be sure to operate in a well-ventilated space and wash items thoroughly before wearing.

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