My Heart's Hopeless Path

Trapped in my own mind,

while unable to find,

a remedy to make this cease,

so I may find my peace...


This won't go away,

no matter what I say,

the demons are lurking inside,

from which - I cannot hide.


My mind is torn and dark as night,

it's blood leaking out of spite.

What I long for I cannot obtain,

and from such temptations I must refrain.


It is right here in front of me,

appearing ever so suddenly.

I should be past this, I should be healed,

but the craving in my heart I still feel.


Will it ever end?

Or, will I have to send

my thoughts into a tight-locked safe,

where my ambitions are so easily replaced?


The unknown is the scariest part,

bringing the disease coating my heart,

leaving me reaching for a desperate wish...

and every time - I always miss.

Just a girl with a love for the sciences, poetry, and has many unique quirks!

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