Go Places with Fusfoo: Chicago

Julia N. and a pal spent 48 hours exploring the sights, sounds, foods and views of Chicago, otherwise known as the “Windy City”. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is the third most populated city in the U.S. It is also a huge travel hub, containing the second-busiest airport in the world and the nation’s largest number of highways. 

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Chicago Visitor’s Guide

Chicago Sports History

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Julia is a filmmaker and has been on the Fusfoo staff for 4 years. Her portfolio includes documentaries, short films, music videos, and commercials. Along with being a filmmaker, Julia is a writer and musician. Her films have been selected to show at the 2015 Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles, the 2015 NYC Ocktoberfest in Harlem and the 2015 Gold Coast International Film Festival in New York.    

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