Credo Creatus, A Short Film

I wrote and directed my short film Credo Creatus at Manhattan Film Institute, a 2-week film conservatory located in Greenport, New York. The film tells the story of a boy named Harry who is suffering from a terminal illness known as Pearson Syndrome. Harry, bound by his wheelchair, is a passionate person and dreams of playing the game of football. Harry approaches his old friend, now the school’s quarterback, in hopes of rekindling their friendship and getting a chance to play football, regardless of his physical disability. I started writing this film in February of this year, based on a true story close to my heart. My friend Eli Mollineaux, passed away due to the illness featured in this film. Before passing away, he had the opportunity to run a touchdown with my high school’s football team during the halftime of a game. Eli showed the power resilience has over physical limitations, which is a theme I transferred into my short film. Ultimately, Credo Creatus is about the reconciliation of friendship and the power of “mind over matter.” 

Manhattan Film Institute is a wonderful experience for young filmmakers that want to work with industry professionals. My film would not be possible without their help and mentorship. 

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