Montour GSA Week of Love Original Sonnet by Mackenzie Simcox

Since we are only in school for a short period of time during the month of June, also known as “Pride Month”, Montour GSA decided to choose a week in February to celebrate love. GSA Week of Love is not only for the LGBT community though, it is for all! It is for all to celebrate love during the month that holds Valentine’s Day. Week of Love is also about self love!

Here is a sonnet I wrote that signifies this GSA Week of Love and Valentine’s day.

Sonnet 1 by Mackenzie Simcox

Loving she was, is the thing that is hard

Something that should be blissful and happy

Her beautiful laugh gathered by the wind

When she sits, how could love be so sadly

Love isn’t happy it just brings despair

Like the grass doesn’t dance or the birds sing

Sad, that’s what love is no heart can repair

Heartbreak is what she will inevitably bring

From a young age we’re taught to love opposite

Opposites attract right, Love ends up not boundless

Love has boundaries and there is no love transit

She stared at thy eyes almost blank, heartless

Yet, she confess her love to she lovingly

And now she and she will become a we


I teach CHS TV Production, Honors English 12 and English 12.

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