Fusfoo News: January 22nd

Virginia Gun Rights Rally 

Despite concerns that the Pro-Gun rights rally would turn into a repeat of the violent 2017 rally in Charlottesville,  thousands of gun rights advocates packed the streets around the Virginia Capitol  with authorities reporting no major incidents and only one arrest. 

Reports of the number of people joining the protest varied from 16,000 to 25,000. There were no visible counter- protests.  

Read about what happened here.

Super Bowl Set 

The teams are set with the San Francisco 49ers set to battle the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl 54 in Miami. If you're not a football fan you still have a halftime show featuring Shakira and JLO to look forward to, plus those Super Bowl snacks! 

Read more here. 

China Trade Deal

President Trump signed  what he called  phase one of a trade  deal with China, proclaiming it a major step in regaining millions of good-paying factory jobs in the US.

In the 86-page agreement China agrees to buy an extra $200 billion in American products over the next two years.  Both the US and China agreed to resolve any disputes through a process of direct consultations that will be backstopped by the threat of new import tariffs.

Read more here.

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