Fusfoo News: January 13th

Harry and Megan Want Out

Proving there is no perfect job in the world and even being a royal isn't the path to career happiness, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex  otherwise know as Harry and Megan,  announced their decision to step back from their duties as senior members of the royal family. The royal drama proved headline worthy across the globe as news and gossip organizations mined the story for any soap opera worthy detail that would get a click. What will this impossibly rich and famous family do next? 

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Puerto Rico on Shaky Ground

Puerto Rico has been shaken to its core as  a series of powerful earthquakes have left the the people on the island in fear for the past week.  The  6.4 earthquake on Tuesday was the worst tremor to hit Puerto Rico in a century, and powerful aftershocks, including a 6.0 magnitude on Saturday morning, have rocked the island ever since. The island is still recovering from Hurricane Maria which decimated the islands power grid,  bankruptcy and political upheaval. and the people of Puerto are seriously in need in need of some good fortune. 

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Iranian Protests

Protesters took to the streets of Tehran to express anger at the news that the Iranian government was indeed  responsible for the "unintentional" downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane which left 176 people dead. The flight,  en route to Kyiv, was shot down on Wednesday near Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran as response to escalation tensions due to the killing of senior Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani in a drone strike in Baghdad. President Donald Trump tweeted his support for the "inspiring" protests.

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