Ancient Greek Myth

As the day arose, Udis flew across the sky. Udis was the god of light and provided the rising sun in the morning for everyone and anyone in Athens. Family and gods awakened, played, and prayed under the golden rays of the sun supported by Udis. Udis was always a great person and rarely got on anyone’s nerves. People would trust that Udis would be there at  any moment and he never disappointed. This morning was extra special for the people of Athens because a new goddess Omera was being born. Omera was the new daughter of Lither. Lithar was the god of night and was constantly jealous of Udis and how all the people of Athens adored him. Lithar’s plans was to gain power and overthrow Udis with Omera on his side. Udis had heard the news and was unsure what to do until he thought of a plan.

It was said that a new god or goddess must be born under sunlight to achieve its full powers and potential. What Udis was about to do would be something he would never forget. At the suspected time of birth, Udis would pull the sun back causing the area to go in complete darkness. This would make Omera a demigod instead of a goddess as she would not obtain her  full powers. At the exact moment Omera was born, Udis pulled with all his might causing the sun to go down in seconds. Instantly, Lithar knew what happened and was outraged. 

“I’ll get you back” he cried in the darkness. With the damage done, Udis pulled the sun back and thought about what he just did. He might have made the right move but something was coming his way.

Seconds, Minutes, Months, and Years all went by. The birth of Omera was almost forgotten by the people of Athens and everyone went back to living life like they used too. By now, Lithar had made multiple plans with his daughter Omera and new ally Gusev, the god of darkness. Lithar and Gusev were a perfect fit, both fed up over Udis and wanting a change. Their plan was going to be simple but effective. As Udis went back to his island on the sea for the night, Gusev would try to hold him hostage, as Lithar controlled the night. Omera would take care of the mortals fighting on the floor of Athens to anyone who dared challenge her. Lithar would then make a statement on the new ruling in the day cycles and force people to respect them all.

As Udis made his slow descent back home, Lithar brought out the night. Gusev was following Udis and located his home. Using his strength, he grabbed the heavy boulder from a nearby cliff and blocked Udis into his house. Confidently, he left meeting Lithar and Omera back in Athens. Hours went by but the sun never came out. They knew their plan was working.

“What is going on?” mortals cried. “The world is ending!” others screamed. That’s when Lithar took control.

“Attention all the people of Athens, sadly Udis has died a very sad death and won’t be providing the sun any longer.”

The crowd of people stood out in shock.

“Now you will appreciate it being dark 24/7” he proposed. No one could believe this heartbreaking news. They refused too. What would they do without the sun?

Finally, out on his island Udis awoke. Noticing he was blocked in, he had to think of a plan and fast. Udis never had missed a day with supporting the sun and this wouldn’t be an exception. He had an idea. Udis pointed to the wooden roof of his building and sent an extremely powerful beam of light. In an instant, the heat burned a hole in the roof and allowed him to get out and over to Athens.

Back in Athens, no one stood up to Lithar except one mortal. His name was Hughes. He was just a regular guy but he stood up for what he thought was right. He stood up and made his claim how they would revolt against Lithar. Slowly, one by one, others raised their hands showing support with Hughes. People came out of their houses and out of the street behind Hughes backing him up with Lithar on the opposite side of the street. Gods from different regions came over including Hera and Apollo. An army stood behind the man named Hughes and they were all getting ready to attack. Then, the street went quiet.

“Charge!” yelled someone from the crowd and so they did.

The huge group was very powerful and did an amazing amount of damage. From all sides, they attacked Omera leaving her with no chance. The gods took up Gusev in a fight and pulled him to the ground causing a surrender. One person still remained, it was Lithar. Lithar stood on top of a building using his super strength to his advantage. Grabbing parts of buildings and flinging them at who ever remained. Taking out hundreds, Lithar seemed as he was going to win. People would have to think of a different approach on how to take on Luther. Then someone from the crowd remembered his weakness. 

“Light!” he chanted. They forgot they needed light. How would they get light without Udis?

That’s when the sun began to rise. People lined up across the street and cheered and hollered as soon as they noticed the figure flying with the sun. It was Udis. “Stop Lither” he demanded in a heroic tone. He flung himself over and used his new power he discovered a little time before. He fired his flaming ray in Lither’s direction. He fought back with a night ray of his own. The power shifted between the two rays. Whoever would apply the most force would come out on top. They were both too powerful though and were becoming tired. They fell to the street and kept the beam firing at each other. That’s when the mortal Hughes had an insanely risky idea. He tackled Lither to the ground forcing Udis’s ray to get through. It instantly burned the skin of Lither. 

“Stop! Stop!” he cried laying on the floor. Udis and Hughes surrounded the sobbing body while staring down at him.

“I will let you survive if you accept equal times throughout the year and you stay out of my path”

“Deal! Deal!.” he would do anything to get away.

“Also never get mad and act like you don’t get respect. Everyone here needs us equally”

“Fine” he sighed.

With that he let him go and everything went back to normal. Everyone came together to beat the gods of darkness and night. 

Ever since, Hughes taught everyone you have a chance with his underdog story. Not only that but, Lithar and Gusev became very protective and always aware of what others thought of them. To this day they try to hide behind objects and try to fit into movements with people to hide from the light. Their marks are constantly left behind us and objects as shadows trying just to fit in.

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