Mothers Eyes; Body Part Narrative

I remember my mom looking me in the eyes as she pulled me in for a hug and picked me up above on Thanksgiving morning in late 2010, in Brooklyn, New York. With the cinnamon buns rising in the oven, filling the air with the sweet smell. Before we knew it we were on our way to my uncle's house about an hour away. All I remember is thee clouds moving faster than we were in the car. It was like magic to me, how did the clouds move faster than me?

My brother and I promised our parents we wouldn't fight in the car, but like siblings do, we did anyway. We argued about whose breath smells better, or who wanted to sit in which seat. Once our dad yelled at us I tried holding back my tears, because I hate getting yelled at, and he was sitting there with a pout on his face. Our grudge lasted for about 5 minutes until we started playing with action figures again. 

Once we got there my mom picked me up and threw me up till her hands were over her head, caught me and gave me a big hug. I stared into her sparkling ocean blue eyes while I went up and came right back down, falling into her warm hug that I wish lasted forever.

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