The Curse of Poseidon

Long ago, Athena, the god of wisdom, made the decision to take a break from her life as a god and try the mortal life. Without telling any of the other gods, she went to the Nesoi, the goddesses of islands for help. One of the Nesoi, Rosa, decided to become Athena’s island so she could live her mortal life. Located right in between Morocco and Spain, the island of Roses became Athena’s mortal home. But happiness turned into chaos when Poseidon found out about Athena’s new life. Not only did he inform the other gods what she had done, he also cursed the waters around the island to rise. Athena was not ready to give up her new found life though.

Hundreds of years later, Athena and Poseidon have caused the entire ocean to rise in all parts of the world. All because Athena did not want to give up her life, and Poseidon did not want her to have it. Zeus, in desperate need of a hero to stop Poseidon, brings his father, Cronus, back from the bottomless pit to devise a plan. They decided to bring a Greek man who was destined for greatness, Alex, to the future to stop Poseidon’s world-ending curse…

I woke up to a cold breeze. And then, lots of sounds. Unknown sounds. I sat up and took a breath in. Dirty air. We must have angered the gods.

“Yo, what are ya doin’ in the road!” a man inside some kind of loud wagon yelled.

This was not home. Very tall buildings surrounded me, horseless wagons going at very fast speeds flew past me. 

“Buddy, I’m talkin’ to you!” The man yelled again.

“Where- where am I?” I asked, very confused as to what I had done to make the gods angry enough to bring me to this place.

“Ya in New York, Bud! Are you on something!” 

“I- I don’t know,”

What was this language I was speaking. This wasn’t greek. And what was this strange place I was in? Was this the underworld? Had I done something wrong?

“Yo! Go around him! He’s obviously got something wrong with him!” a young lady yelled at the man in the wagon thing as she approached. 

The wagon took off again. The lady walked over to me and offered her hand to me. I grabbed onto it and hoisted myself up.

“Are you okay man? You look really out of it,” she said.

“Do you know where I am?” I asked, still very confused, now getting very worried.

“Well, you’re in New York. We’re also in the middle of the street right now so let’s move,”

She brought me away from the street and onto a separate part. There were tons of people walking both ways on it.

“Is there someone you want me to call?” She asked as she pulled out a square that lit up.

“Call? What is call?” I was very intrigued by her square.

Then, a lightning bolt came down and struck the top of a very tall building. The strange part was that there was not a cloud in the sky. 

“That’s weird, there’s not a cloud in the- oh. What does he want?” She put the square back where she grabbed it from.

“Lightning… Zeus?” I asked. I must have been in serious trouble.

“What did you say? Are you feeling okay?”

“No, I’m not. One second I’m in Athens, minding my own business. Next thing I know, I’m in the middle of the street, getting yelled at by a man in a wagon being pulled by nothing at all. I’m speaking a language I don’t know, I’m in a place I don’t know, I-”

“Woah, woah woah, slow down a second. You are from like, ancient greece?”

“Ancient? Last time I checked greece was today, but now I’m here. Also, where is here, and why am I here?”

“I don’t know. But I believe you. There’s no way you would say all that stuff after I literally watched you appear from thin air in the street. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t know how you would respond,”

“You never answered my questions?”

“Oh sorry, I’ll answer them soon. Now come with me, there’s something I need to show you. But first, what’s your name?”

“I’m Alex, what’s yours?”

“Jaeda, now let’s go,” She went off and I followed. 

Her dark hair flowed with the wind. She weaved gracefully between all of the people on the sidewalk while I bumped into most of the people. She turned down a dark alley between two of the buildings and stopped when she was met with a wall. The walls were covered with art, but what caught my eye was the many depictions of Athena.

“Can I ask you something, Jaeda?” I asked as I dragged my hand against the walls.

“Yeah, just hold on one second. I almost have this open,” She said as she pressed both of her hands into the wall.

“When am I?”

“Well, It’s currently 2019. Zeus sent you here for a reason, and that’s why I’m still helping you. We’re gonna figure this out together,” As soon as she was done talking, something clicked in the wall, which opened a door. On the other side was open water, covered in rose petals.

“I still don’t know why you’re here, Alex. But I wanted to show you something,” she said right before she walked into the water. 

I followed behind here and stepped into the water. Laughs and giggles filled the air, but there was no one that they belonged to.

“I’ve known the truth about the greek gods ever since I was young. My Family has a heritage that ties deep into Greek mythology,” 

“What do you mean?” I asked as we stood in the ocean water.

“My grandpa married a woman, who turned out to be Athena, god of wisdom and justice. She had been disguised as a mortal woman for the past 2000 years,”

“So you are a divine descendant of Athena?”

“Yeah I guess so, but my family story gets worse once you figure out the truth about Athena. When she decided to take on the mortal life, she did it in secret. She went to Nesoi, the island goddesses. One of them, Rosa, basically became Athena’s island, the island of Roses. Everything was perfect until Poseidon found out. He cursed the waters around her island to rise, so eventually her happiness would be gone and she would have to resume her life as a god,”

The laughs and giggles stopped, which left silence.

“The Nesoi did not let Athena’s happiness get cut short, and vowed to help Athena. She created islands all across the planet, each one found by Poseidon. Eventually, I guess too much of the world’s waters had been cursed by Poseidon that they all started to rise. Recently, it's gotten worse. The waters have been rising at a much faster rate. They get faster by the day and soon it’ll be too much. That’s why I brought you here, I think Zeus sent you here to stop the curse,”

All of the roses came together and started to form a figure, a woman. And then it spoke.

“The curse not only flooded my fellow islands, it trapped them. I was the only survivor of the Nesoi. If you stop the curse, it may bring back my sisters,” the roses fell back into petals, and crying noises were everywhere now.

“Now let’s go, the door won't stay open forever,” Jaeda said as she walked back through it.

I followed her and the door sealed back into the wall behind me. I knew my purpose now. I was destined to stop Poseidon’s curse and free the Nesoi of his eternal torture. So that’s what I was about to do, even if I was still very confused. That’s when Jaeda turned around.

“There might be something I can do for you,” She said as she placed both her hands on my head.

It hit me like a truck, as I now knew what that was. Everything I needed to know about the modern world I now knew.

“I guess being the granddaughter of Athena isn’t that bad,”

“Is Athena still out there?” I asked.

“Yes, except I don’t know where,”

“Where is the last place you saw her?”

“I don’t remember, but I do know where Poseidon is,”

“A mortal and a semi-god, up against the god of the sea. Doesn’t sound fair to me,”

“There’s two gods I can think of in this world that don’t hate me for being related to Athena that will actually help,”

We then started walking out of the alley until she stopped at the sidewalk and proceeded to call out for Hermes. He showed up just in time.

“I knew I heard a divine voice. What do you need from me, Jaeda?” He floated in the air, glowing golden, and yet no one took a second glance.

No one could see him.

“Go to Nike and Apollo, tell them to meet me at the shore, in mortal form,” Jaeda told Hermes.

Just as fast as he came, he was gone. That’s when I noticed it was already nighttime. 

“How did it get so dark this quickly?” I asked as we started to walk down the sidewalk.

“Those doors take time to pass through. Athena passed down the knowledge of how to build them to me a while ago. It’s the same moment in time. It may seem confusing but Rosa has been dead for a while, but when that door was built she wasn’t. Gods think it’s normal to mess with time and not care,”

“Yeah, I can tell,” I said, remembering that I wasn’t from around here, like at all.

After about an hour of walking, we made it to the water. There was a man and woman that looked to be waiting for us. The woman had long blonde hair and looked fairly young, while the man looked just as young but with curly hair.

“Why have you called us, Jaeda?” The woman asked.

“The curse of Poseidon is getting worse, Nike. You two were closest to Athena last time I checked, so I thought you could help us,” Jaeda responded.

“Who’s the mortal you have with you?” The man seemed annoyed by my presence.

“Oh yeah, forgot about that part. From what I know, Zeus somehow found a way to transport Alex to the exact location in time where he would stumble upon me. Pretty sure he’s like destined to stop Poseidon or something,”

“There’s no way Zeus would be that foolish as to bring a mortal through time,” The woman seemed surprised.

“Well, I’m here now, so obviously he was foolish enough,” I responded.

As soon as I said that another lightning bolt came down and struck.

“Do either of you know where Poseidon could be?” Jaeda asked.

Nobody spoke until another lightning bolt came down about a mile out in the ocean.

“Welp, looks like Zeus doesn’t like the rising sea levels either,” I said as I started off.

“I don’t know what goes through the heads of mortals. Do you think we’re gonna walk there?” Nike laughed.

“Well your gods, so bring us there,” I responded.

Nike’s back erupted with beautiful, white, feathery wings. 

“Now come in like we’re about to group hug,” She said as she opened her arms.

We did as she said, and then we were off. She was most definitely the god of speed as we were going very fast through the air. Another lightning bolt struck down and Nike dove for it. There was a whirlpool right where the bolt had struck. Nike dove right into the center of it. We barely got wet as the center led straight into a giant dome filled with air.

“What is this place?” I asked as Nike let go and put her wings back where they came from.

“It’s my hideaway for when I get bored with life as a god,” a man’s voice thundered through the whole dome. 


“Sounds familiar, doesn’t it, Athena,” He thundered again, this time walking out so we could see him.

He stood around 8 feet tall, a rugged looking man with a beard and a trident in his hand. He stood at the top of a large staircase with what looked to be a temple behind him.

“My name’s Jaeda!” Jaeda yelled, almost matching to Poseidon’s voice. 

“Oh stop with the act, god of wisdom. You're not impressing anyone in this form,”

“Jaeda, why does he think you’re Athena?” I asked.

Then, a clang. A sword that glowed with electricity fell right in front of me. I grabbed it and held it tight in my right hand.

“So let me get this straight. Zeus is helping a mortal and- wait a minute. How are you holding that sword mortal?” Poseidon’s voice rang through the dome.

Nike, Apollo, and Jaeda looked at me with surprise.

“You’re a demi-god!” Jaeda exclaimed.

“How could I be?” I asked.

So many thoughts flowed through my head, but one main one stopped. Rosa and the rest of the Nesoi.

“Listen up Poseidon! Even if I was mortal, I could still stop you!” I yelled, gripping the sword tighter.

“We have a feisty little demi-god don’t we. Stop me from doing what?”

“You’ve tortured the Nesoi and are flooding the world all because you don’t like Athena!”

“Oh is that what she told you? Well I guess she’s lied to you twice today. Jaeda is Athena, just her mortal form. And, she’s the one that has betrayed me oh so many times since the start of time itself!” 

I turned to Jaeda,

“Is it true?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t hide the fact that his curse will kill everyone soon enough at the rate the water is rising!” That’s when she grew just as big as him, but now had on a long flowing white dress and a helmet on.

Nike and Apollo followed her lead, becoming their god forms as well.

“You really think you can stop me? With the snap of a finger I can flood this entire planet!” He threw his trident, but Athena dodged it.

Like a boomerang, it went right back to Poseidon’s hand.

“If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get!” I yelled.

I charged to the staircase, but Nike flew to me and grabbed me, flying to the top. Then, Poseidon threw his trident, but didn’t miss this time. Nike fell to the ground, trident in her left wing.

“For the god of speed, I thought you’d be able to dodge that!”

I was already up there. I leaped up and went to stab him right in the chest, but with one smack I flew into a wall. Athena was now up here with me, spear in hand. Apollo was positioned on the stairs, bow aimed right for Poseidon. Even without her wings, Nike was on the opposite staircase, holding Hermes’ staff.

“Funny, But I think you forgot that we’re underwater,” Just as Poseidon finished, he snapped, which let the dome of water collapse.

That’s when a sudden rush of power came through me like never before. I thrusted my arms out, pushing the flowing water back to where it was.

“Impossible!” He yelled.

“Funny, but I think you forgot I’m the son of Zeus!” I yelled right before I pointed my sword at him and fired. A bolt of electricity shot right at Poseidon, sending him right next to Nike.

“Sorry, but I always win,” Nike said before she plunged her staff directly into Poseidon’s chest.

Apollo, who had adjusted his aim, fired directly into Poseidon’s stomach. Athena and I walked over to Poseidon.

“Release the curse, or be imprisoned in your own power!” I said as I brought the end of my sword to his neck.

“Fine, I just need- I just need my trident,” He groaned. 

Nike flew over and retrieved the trident. He pulled the arrow and staff out of his torso and stood up. He placed both of his hands on the trident and whispered something. A blue bolt flew into the water above and spread across the entire dome. 

“Sorry, but I lied before,” I said as I fired another, stronger bolt of lightning into him. 

“I’ll bring him to mount Olympus,” Nike said as she grabbed him and took off.

“I really need to get out more,” Apollo took off as well.

“So you’re actually Athena?” I asked, turning to her.

“Yeah, but I like it much better as Jaeda,” she replied as she changed back to mortal form.

“One last thing, how do we get out of here?”

Alex had fulfilled his destiny, learning much about himself along the way. Nike eventually came back and flew Alex and Jaeda to Mount Olympus, where Alex finally got to meet his family. As for the curse, Poseidon’s snap triggered floods around the world, but reversed the damage in the end. The wave of blue spread throughout the entirety of the oceans across the world, which were seen by all of humanity. Sea levels sank back down to their original levels. Rosa and the rest of the Nesoi were brought back, all thanks to the courage and teamwork of the gods and Alex. Alex and Athena went on to make many more memories together, killing monsters, fighting gods, falling in love, and now reside in their own special place on Mount Olympus.

The End… or is it?

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