Mustang Media: Sister Act and Holiday Drives

The Spring Show is Cast

The drama department has cast the spring musical, Sister Act.  The show tells the story of Deloris van Cartier, a singer who lives life on the wild side, who has to go into hiding after she witnesses a crime. Eddie the cop decides to hide her in the last place anyone would look for her - in a convent with the nuns. Her craziness causes a lot of problems for Mother Superior, but Deloris brings new life to the choir of nuns.  Congratulations to the actors who earned starring roles: Deborah DosSantos, Ana Victoria Serena, Erin Grafing, Hannah Mangoiano, Sarah Stiehl, Isabella Galan, Jessica McCarthy, Natalie Rivera, Maya Diaz=Portalatin, Austin Velez, and Stephen Toms. See the show March 20th and March 21st. 

Click video above for all the news.  

Jennifer Moglia is a writing contributor at Mineola High School's Fusfoo page (obviously), "Blue Line Station" and "Puck it Up!", as well as an avid fan of hockey and baseball. She always falls in love with the "bad players", puts an absurd amount of faith in prospects and rookies, and too often watches sports with her heart instead of her eyes. Aside from sports, she also loves t-shirt tosses, aquariums, quesadillas, and concerts.

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