Alulex and Luxis

On the island of Bolympus lived a family of 3. A father, Zurico. A mother, Rhothena. A daughter, Alulex. The family was constantly busy, especially the parents. They were never home, so they always left Alulex to do small chores around the house while they were gone. Alulex began to get tired of doing the work around the house and decided she should speak to her parents about it. When her parents stayed home for a weekend to spend time with their daughter, she decided it was time to tell them how she felt. Instead of doing it respectfully, she began to yell and argue with her parents. She was angry about how she was the only one who was left to do chores. Her parents had no words but felt that she needed to do them because they couldn't do it, being they were never home. Her act of frustration and disrespect to her parents angered the Gods so they punished Alulex by giving her a surprise. 

Many tiring months went by and the parents finally said they were going to be staying home for a long time. When they got home, Alulex noticed something was different with her mother. She was only left to realize that her parents were going to be having a baby. This made Alulex happy because the parents would leave her younger sibling with her to do the chores so she was not alone. She was no longer going to have to spend her time doing chores alone for continuous amounts for days. Alulex could only wait for her younger sibling to be born and for her parents to let her have more free time. 

The child was born and was given the name Luxis. Luxis was going to grow up to a busy family and was going to have to grow up fast and become very independent at a young as, just like Alulex. By the age of 3 Luxis was already set up to learn how to do stuff for herself. Their parents finally felt it was time to go back to work and only returning home for small amounts of time. Alulex was happy because her sister was able to do a few chores that were taken off of her list. When Alulex felt everything in her life was going great, the Gods plan came into the picture. Luxis was not prepared to be left alone and made an even bigger mess that was left to clean up by Alulex. Her sister left the house to explore the neighborhood but Alulex was busy getting her chores done so she could enjoy her free time.

Luxis was being irresponsible and chose not to do her chores because the Gods told her to leave a mess for her sister to clean up. The Gods surprise was that they were going to leave Alulex with an annoying sister who does not help her complete her chores for the purpose of getting revenge on her for disobeying her parents. While Alulex thought the house was spotless and she could spend some time for herself, there was a giant mess left by her little sister.

Zurico and Rhothena had some free time and decided to check on their children. They came home to discover that the house was still a mess and Luxis was nowhere to be found. They were furious with Alulex because all they asked of her was to make sure the house was not a mess and to watch over her younger sister. Alulex was a failure to her family and she was viewed as a bad sister. When the parents came upstairs to confront Alulex she was peacefully in her room experimenting with the gift she was born with. Her parents screamed at her about how she felt that she could get away with leaving the house a mess. Alulex was confused for she knew she did all of her chores and left her sister busy with her own chores. She told her parents that she had no clue what they were talking about so they took Alulex to the dining room where the mess was and Alulex soon realized she left her sister to clean the dining room. Alulex was not supposed to give her sister any chores so she had no choice but to take the blame for it. Her parents were disappointed and followed up with asking her where her sister was. Alulex thought Luxis was in the house even though she had never checked on her. Her parents informed her that her sister is not in the house which means she is missing.

Zurico and Rhothena were too busy punishing Alulex that they did not notice Luxis coming back into the house where she decided to clean up the mess she had left earlier. The parents then looked over and saw Luxis cleaning the mess where they began to shower her with love because she was so responsible for cleaning a mess she did not make. They told Luxis that she should not have left, but she was little so she doesn't know any better. They told her that she was too little for chores and Alulex was the one who is responsible for doing them.

This irritated Alulex and she decided she should get revenge on her sister. She decided it was a good idea to use what she was known for. She snuck into Luxis’ room during that night and had spiders crawl all over her bed and walls. In the morning, loud screams woke the entire house up. The noise was coming for Luxis’ room, which had been filled with spiders overnight. Zurico and Rhothena rushed to see what the problem was, they soon realized that her room had been filled with spiders. They immediately knew who did it because it is known that Alulex is the Goddess of spiders. They were already disappointed in Alulex for her being irresponsible with her chores, but they enraged with the audacity Alulex had to do that to her little sister.

Alulex was punished greatly by her parents and the Gods because of the terrible things she did. She was banished to complete all of the chores in the house while her sister was chained to her so she could never get lost. Luxis did not have to do any of the chores, she was only left to annoy her sister the entire time. Alulex also lost her gift of being the God of Spiders and became known as the Goddess of disappointment. This caused the Gods to have all younger siblings get away with their actions and annoy their siblings whenever possible and made it known to all other Gods and Goddesses that they should never act in anger towards their parents or siblings.

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