Myth of Mitéra and Paidia

Mitéra was a happy goddess. Most likely the only goddess that did not have any problems or issues like the other gods and goddesses. After all, she was the goddess of bliss, and soon to be goddess of individuality, and children. She was married to the brother of Zeus, and thunder god, Vronti. Mitéra and Vronti lived happy lives together in the vast land of Olympus and it went on like that for a long time. 

Mitéra loved being married to Vronti, however, it became very dull to just sit around. One day as Mitéra was lounging around in Olympus she realized how extremely bored she was. It was tedious to just sit all day while Vronti was able to have fun creating thunder and such. So, she decided she would make something. Mitéra remembered how the Titan Prometheus created humans and gave them fire. She figured that was something she could do just as well. So, she traveled down to the river Styx and using the clay from it she formed a human. But something must have gone wrong. This was not a normal human like the one Prometheus made. It was much smaller, it did not seem as evolved as the other humans, and worst of all, it was crying. Mitéra was worried she had done something wrong so she picked it up and tried to sooth it. And it worked! The little bundle had started laughing! Mitéra so was overjoyed and decided to name it Paidia. 

Even though gods and goddesses were supposed to be beautiful, superior beings, Mitéra could not help but wonder how beautiful Paidia was even though she was human. Her eyes were an incredible olive green, her skin was smooth, and her tiny brown locks of hair was wonderfully soft. Mitera thought to herself that this little creature is perfect. Mitéra could not take her eyes off baby Paidia. 

The blissful Mitéra went back to Olympus with baby Paidia in her arms. She showed her creation to Vronti who’s reaction was not what she had expected. Vronti was angry with Mitéra because like his brother Zeus, he thought humans were below the gods.”That thing is a human, it does not deserve to be among the gods and goddesses in Olympus!” He said angrily. Naturally this made Mitéra angry as well (a mood she had never experienced before). “Well maybe the humans aren’t as bad as you think”, Mitéra said with confidence, “Maybe we are the lousy ones.” She had grown attached to baby Paidia and did not want to let her go. Mitéra realized that she did not want to be with selfish and prideful beings so she journeyed to a place in Greece called Delos and decided to spend time with the humans.

Mitéra was stunned when she saw what Delos looked like. It had wide open space and mountains. In her opinion, it was even more incredible that Olympus. Mitéra disguised herself as a human and lived among them while raising Paidia. While in Delos, Mitéra realized that humans were not that different from the gods. The humans were not at all like what she was told they would be like. They were kind and smart and she showed them things they had never seen before. The humans were mostly interested in Paidia. They had never seen a child. Mitéra knew how strong the bond was between her and her daughter and she made it so that all women were able to have children of their own. 

Mitéra was already the goddess of bliss and happiness, but because of her courage to leave Olympus, she became the goddess of individuality as well. In addition to bliss and individuality, she became the goddess of children due to her creation of Paidia and granting all women the ability to have children. Now, whenever someone wants to be happy, wants a child, or wants the courage to be different or unique, they can pray to Mitéra for guidance.

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