Fusfoo News: November 18th

Fiery Protest in Hong Kong

Ongoing anti-government protests have caused turmoil in Hong Kong. The protests which began in June have now stretched into months of turmoil which show no signs of abating. They threaten the existence of democracy in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. 

Read about the protest timeline here. 

Prince Andrew Makes a Mess

It was a bad weekend for the English royal family. Prince Andrew finally talked to the press about his "friendship" with financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and the interview left most viewers  thinking he should have just kept his stiff upper lip shut about it.  Almost everyone who watched  was in agreement that Prince Andrew came off without remorse and failed to clear his name from the stench associated with the Epstein scandal.

Learn more here.

Another School Shooting

Santa Clarita High School. 

3 students dead, including the shooter. Three students were injured. 

Read this poem a high school student wrote about the shooting here.

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