Premier Lacrosse League Holds First-Ever Championship Game

The Premier Lacrosse League’s (PLL) first season started on June 1, 2019, which includes a 14-week tour-based schedule, that ended on September 21, 2019.  On September 21, 2019, the first ever Premier Lacrosse League Championship was held at Talent Energy Stadium in Philadelphia, and according to an article published by the PLL, a total of 12,556 people attended the championship, this being the highest attended event in the Premier Lacrosse League’s history.

The PLL began when professional lacrosse superstars Paul Rabil and his brother Mike Rabil decided to begin their own league. Paul Rabil, known as one of the best lacrosse players in the world, and his brother Mike wanted to create something unique and important in the lacrosse community.

“When you spent enough time on something—you build a business plan on something and you really believe in — if the other group says they don’t want to do it with you, you’re just going to do it regardless,” said Mike Rabil, in an interview with Sports Illustrated writer Emily Caron.

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) features some of the best lacrosse players in the world. The league has six teams with 26 players per team with a total of 160 players. The PLL, which began only one year ago, has gained recognition within the lacrosse community.

“We’re building a professional sports league that lacrosse deserves,” Paul Rabil said.

What makes the league most special perhaps, is the example it sets for young fans and lacrosse players. There is a great deal of interaction between players and fans both on and off the field, which helps the PLL stand out from many other amateur or even professional sports leagues. After games or sometimes even during the games, players will converse with fans and give autographs. 

“I think that the exposure on T.V. and across different cities its getting a lot of younger kids exposed to [lacrosse], which is helping it grow among other sports like soccer that have always been popular,” said Scott Mulholland, a fan attending the recent PLL tournament.

The PLL is partially responsible for the growth of lacrosse. The organization has managed to bring the game to more eager viewers and aspiring young players, in addition to others who are now just getting into the sport. The PLL’s substantial following on social media has also contributed to their rising popularity.

“A few months ago I was sitting in the office at the PLL office in Manhattan Beach wondering what a PLL game was even going to look like and now its championship game and we have thousands and thousands of people in the stands,” said RJ Kaminski, host of the Premier Lacrosse League.

To many, lacrosse is still just another sport, but to the players and the fans, it is much more than that. To some, lacrosse has become their drive for success in all things.

“It’s a family; lacrosse is not like any other sport; it’s more of a way of life,” said Adam Gardner, a lacrosse coach.

Header Credit: Permier Lacrosse League

Thumbnail Credit: Permier Lacrosse League

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