Fair Lawn Knitting Club Aids Children in South Africa

         On Thursdays after school, the Knitting Club of Fair Lawn High School meets to knit quilt squares for a cause. The club donates its work to a multinational charity called Knit-a-Square, which gifts blankets to children in South Africa. These blankets are sown together from squares given by knitters all around the world.

         The first knitting club at Fair Lawn High School was established last year. The president was inspired to create the club because of her own experience with knitting.  

         “I like to knit. I knitted while I had extra time. A couple people wanted to learn how to knit,” said the president, a senior at Fair Lawn High School.

         She then realized that the club could offer its services to a charitable cause in addition to being a fun and beneficial after-school activity.

         “Knitting is a useful skill to have. It’s relaxing and lowers blood pressure,” she said.

         “The club lets people have a good time and create new friendships,” added another senior in the club at Fair Lawn High School.

         The Knit-A-Square program has provided a goal for the members of the club. According to the organization, it has distributed over 84,000 blankets to orphans or vulnerable children in South Africa since 2008.

         In addition to knitting squares, members of FLHS’s Knitting Club also learn to knit things like hats and scarves with a variety of stitches. A desire to learn or to practice knitting and contribute to a worldwide cause led the Knitting Club to team up with Knit-A-Square to help the cause.

         “We make stuff and donate stuff to Africa through knitting square. Make squares and make them into blankets” said the founder of the club.

         The club meets on Thursdays at 3 o’clock in the Fair Lawn High School library. New members are always welcome to join.

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