Fusfoo News: November 12

Here Comes the Cold

Are you prepared for the deep freeze? The forecast across the country indicates there will be record breaking  low temps,  prompting some school districts to close and others to delay opening. Is your state in for it? 

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Impeachment Proceedings Begin

How this eventually ends is anyones guess, but impeachment proceedings have reached a new level this week. The first televised hearings are set to begin later this week and will be focused on accusations that Trump improperly withheld money as leverage to pressure the Ukraine to investigate former Vice President and potential presidential rival Joe Biden.

Read about it here.

Bolivian President Steps Down

It seems like every week a new country is embroiled in protest that have citizens marching in the street. This week Bolivia was added to the list, with protest over election fraud so fierce it caused the country's  President Evo Morales to resign. Morales has since accepted an offer of political asylum in Mexico.

Learn about it here

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