A Canadian's Perspective on American Patriotism by Auren Halbert

Auren Halbert

Mrs. Budda 

English 11

31 October 2019

“God Bless the USA”  Lyrics Reflections

Being from Canada, it is quite interesting reflecting on patriotism in the USA. I think I offer a different perspective that allows for important dialogue. In Canada, our patriotism is shown very differently than the United States. Instead of blowing up fireworks, partying, supporting our veterans, and promoting the flag, we show our patriotism by just being Canadian. We show our patriotism by having open borders that allow for anyone to become Canadian patriots. We give back to people daily; we donate, show kindness, and volunteer our time to make our country even better. For instance, one may volunteer at a homeless shelter on Canada Day instead of spending their time watching fireworks. Coming from a country of limited amounts of veterans, the military aspect of patriotism isn’t as heavy. We may spend our time learning about what our military has done good for people rather than celebrating the destruction and loss of life we have caused. Now despite my somewhat negative perspective of the U.S. patriotism, I think it is amazing how dedicated everyone is to their country. People here are so involved in the belief that their country is the best; I find that very admirable. There’s something really endearing about this country and its people’s ignorant bliss. This is shown in the line from Lee Greenwood’s song “From Detroit down to Houston, and New York to L.A. Well there’s pride in every American Heart, and it’s time to stand up and say.” Being patriotic in the U.S. is more of a love for the country rather than a love for the multiculturalism that Canada has obtained. No matter how good or bad the U.S. may be, what the media says, what the opposition says, deep down, all U.S. citizens have a love for their democratic, free, prosperous country. I really respect that. Am I patriotic for the U.S. despite being from Canada? Yes, absolutely. Of course there are aspects of this country that annoy me beyond belief, but I still love this country and the opportunities it has provided me, and every other person living here. 

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