Fusfoo News: November 4th

 Chicago Teachers Strike Ends

More than 300, 000 public school student can return to classes as the longest teachers strike in decades comes to an end. After an 11 day walkout, the teachers of Chicago Public Schools system, the country’s third-largest district have ended their strike.  The city of Chicago has approved a 16 percent salary increase over the next five years; agreed to increase spending in order to reduce class sizes, and committed to paying for more social workers, nurses, and librarians. 

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India Air Pollution Unbearable

In Dehli, India, this time of year always brings an increase in air pollution due to farmers in neighboring states burning crop stubble to clear their fields. This year, in many areas of Delhi, the air quality deteriorated into the "hazardous" category, with the potential to cause respiratory illnesses.  Dehli's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal says that pollution has "reached unbearable levels." 

The situation is so bad that schools have been shuttered, flights have been diverted and, rules governing driving around northern India have gone into effect allowing only cars with odd or even number plates to drive on given days.

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McDonald’s CEO Fired

The #MeToo era has claimed another master of the universe. McDonald’s fired its CEO, Steve Easterbrook after it was discovered he was in a consensual relationship with an employee. The board of directors concluded that Easterbrook demonstrated "poor judgment",  concluding that he violated the company’s policy against manager relationships with direct or indirect employees. 

Easterbrook is part of a growing list of chief executives given the ax over relationships with employees as companies implement rules against dating and other personal interactions with subordinates.

FInd out why here.

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