Fusfoo News: The Amazon Rainforest is Burning

The Amazon is Burning. 

Fires are a major issue for our our rainforests and for our planet.  The issues with wildfires are getting worse because of deforestation, with over-development and the loss of trees causing the fires intensity to increase year after year. This is not just a problem for Brazil; the fate of the Amazon rainforest has severe  implications that matter to every living being on earth. 

What can you do to help? Follow organizations like the Rainforest Trust and follow as many of their suggestions as you can:

Share your passion for the rainforest with your friends. Educate others about this issue and why it is so important.⁠

Try changing your daily habits to be more environmentally friendly. Purchasing environmentally-friendly products and reducing or reusing paper is a great way to start!.⁠

Vote. Make your voice for the environment heard in your local and national elections.

The fires that burn now can't be stopped, but there are organizations that work to prevent deforestation and help stop fires like this from happening again. 

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Why You Need to Care!

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