Fusfoo News: August 19th

Is Recession Coming? All signs point to a downturn in the economy but is the White House administration buying it? Are the good times over or will all the President's men be right? 

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Peaceful Rally in Hong Kong Violent clashes between the government and protesters took a more peaceful turn this past week as demonstrators used peaceful protest to get their point across. The march marked the 11th straight weekend of protest and came as moderate leaders sought to redefine the pro-democracy movement away from violent clashes which worry much of the general population in Hong Kong.  How long will China's leaders allow Hong Kong's citizen's autonomy to protest is the big question.  Read more here.

Iceland Mourns Glacier Loss 

While many still deny the effects of climate change on the planets overall health ( we are looking at you Sen. John Cornyn ), residents of Iceland took the opportunity to publicly mourn the loss of the Okjokull Glacier, which has died at the age of approximately 700 years old. Glaciers have great cultural and practical significance in Iceland and beyond both as magnificent symbols of nature and a freshwater source for humans and crops alike. 

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